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"The rules are changing; the old ways of investing may not be enough to help you get to and through retirement. That’s where we come in; our rules-based approach, backed by technology, helps you change the way you approach wealth building and retirement income”


 – David H. DeWitt

David H. DeWitt


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What Makes Us Different?



It's all About You

Our singular goal is to identify your financial needs and goals and implement a plan to get you there so you can do what you want to do.


We Optimize Your Investments

Our investment philosophy is unique. We can help you achieve your goals with more peace of mind using our exclusive yet simple approach.


We Build With You

Our only incentive is to help you build wealth and preserve wealth.  We never earn commissions and only do better when you do better.


Your Best Interest in Mind

It is our legal and ethical duty to do what is in your best interest. We offer unbiased and objective advice to the best of our ability, no matter what.

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Retirement Planning Case Studies

(Note: These case studies are hypothetical and do not involve actual DeWitt clients)


Case Study #1


Building Wealth

Michael and Emma have spent the last twenty-five years working hard, raising a family, and saving for retirement.  They both have passions on the side which they haven't had enough time to pursue. They are interested in working less and pursuing their dreams, but they want to ensure they will still leave a legacy for their family. 


Case Study #2

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Nearing Retirement

Susan, a successful entrepreneur, is thinking about retirement. She wants to spend more time with her family, and especially her young grandchildren. She also has ambitions of buying a lake house for annual reunions. She is thinking about retiring in a few years at age 61, and she has a lot of questions.


Case Study #3


Enjoying Retirement

George & Kathy retired a few years ago. While they are enjoying life in retirement, they find themselves wondering about their finances too often when they'd rather be on golf trips and traveling to exotic destinations. They have accumulated plenty of wealth, but know a real plan will help them with their peace of mind. 




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