Do you understand the level of risk in your portfolio? 

Was there any rhyme or reason to how your investments were chosen?


We have developed technology that addresses these two key issues. Click below to learn more


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Who we are

We are a Registered Investment Advisor located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. We have a fiduciary responsibility to act in our client's best interest. We offer investment management financial planning services. We leverage technology to customize rules-based portfolios for our clients. We also manage concentrated portfolios of individual stocks that tend to be local or special situation companies with whom we develop relationships with.

Our Approach

We begin with a conversation about your future needs and goals to create a long-term financial plan.  

Next, we construct and implement a custom portfolio for you based on your needs and preferences

We then regularly review your progress to ensure you are on track towards your goals



We help people who find themselves in any of the following situations and much more. Click on the tile that applies to you to get the conversation started. 

I manage my own money and I am  ready to try something new

I have received a large inheritance and  want to invest the money in a smart way

I want advice on how to optimize my 401(k)

I need help increasing my income  through my portfolio

I could use help optimizing  a portfolio around a concentrated corporate stock position to reduce risk

I am progressing in my career and  want to start investing for long-term growth

I am not satisfied with my current advisor for  communication or performance reasons

I just started a family and want help planning  for my family's financial future and security

I am concerned about market volatility and  want my assets protected

I want someone to help  me make sure that my investments  make sense for my goals 

I am looking for an advisor who offers  more than cookie-cutter investment solutions

I have a lot of cash and want to begin  investing in a disciplined approach

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DeWitt has been awarded The Five Star Wealth Manager award for 2013, 2014 and 2019 as seen in Philadelphia Magazine. 




Our Team

We are an experienced team with a diverse set of experiences who invest alongside our clients. We believe that aligning ourselves with clients shows conviction in delivering long-term financial success.  We offer straightforward, custom, outcome based solutions aimed at providing our clients with peace of mind regardless of market behavior.