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Financial Planning & Coaching

for Adults with ADHD

As a  Certified Financial Planner™, I will work with you to discover your unique financial goals and then build an ADHD-friendly plan to help you reach them. From there, I guide and teach you what to do next each step along the way.  


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Financial Advice Built for ADHD Brains

As a Certified Financial Planner™ who has ADHD and is passionate about serving the ADHD community, my job is to learn where you are today, where you want to go, and then build a plan to help you get there. I've created this service with the ADHD brain in mind from the ground up. 

For a flat annual fee that can be paid on a monthly basis, you get a comprehensive financial plan, step-by-step guidance to implement the plan, investment management, and more! I am looking to build long-term relationships with my clients and help guide them through the financial complexities life loves to throw at us.


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I work with ADHDers who:

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Are Dealing with Debt

You make enough money but have found yourself with too much debt. You are looking for a long-term advisor to help you make a plan to pay it off, and then build wealth from a fresh start.

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Don't Know Where to Start

You have a successful career but still can't seem to find a way to consistently keep any of the money you earn. You are looking for external accountability from a professional who can help you save and invest for your future.


Want to Start Investing

You've done a great job saving but are confused about what you should do next. You are looking for a professional who can meet you where you are, build a plan, and help you implement it each step of the way.

Core Services Offered

As a CFP­®, I am qualified to offer advice and guidance in several areas, such as investments, budgeting, debt management, estate planning, tax planning, education planning, retirement planning, and more. Much like a doctor, my role is to diagnose before I prescribe solutions. Below are the most common services I provide when working with ADHDers like yourself. 


Financial Planning

This is the core, overarching service. Your unique financial plan dictates what other services need to be implemented and offered.



I will design an investment strategy and help you implement it using an ADHD-friendly goals-based approach.

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Budgeting & Savings

I will design a budget for you that fits into your life and enables you to start tracking toward your goals.

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Debt Elimination

When needed, I will structure a debt payoff plan for you that is designed to keep you motivated and committed. 

First-class technology

Imagine having an app and web portal that contained all of your financial documents organized in one place. An app that helps you budget. An app that allows you to visualize how making one financial decision will affect the rest of your financial picture.  It does this and so much more, all in a visually appealing and ADHD-friendly way. That is what you will have access to. It's where we will build your plan and track your progress. Check out the video to get a sneak peek. 

Book your ADHD Discovery Session

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Ready to explore if I am a fit for your needs?

The first step is a quick, no-pressure discovery call. During the call we will discuss your goals for financial planning, what your biggest concerns and worries are, how I can (or cannot!) help, answer any questions you have, and discuss the next steps. I will never pressure you to work with me and will tell you if I believe I am not a good fit for you. 


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