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Financial Planning for Adults with ADHD

Financial advice from one ADHD brain to another. I'll work with you to solve your money problems, develop better money habits, and build more security, freedom, and fulfillment in your life. 

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Financial Advice Built for ADHD Brains

"Traditional financial advisors typically ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest or want to sell you products they earn commissions on. Not me. I just want to help move the needle for fellow ADHDers. That is my passion. Whether you are early in your financial journey and need help with the basics or have complex planning needs, I have structured my service to be accessible and impactful. With me, you'll work with someone who understands intimately how difficult and emotional money can be, especially when you mix it with ADHD."

- David DeWitt, CFP®


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I Serve ADHDers of all kinds. Here are a few examples. 


Business Owners

ADHDers often make great entrepreneurs, but it can come with financial chaos, anxiety, and confusion. I help entrepreneurs create systems and synergy for their business & personal finances so the two can work smoothly together. Now you can focus on running the business.



Professionals, whether a successful employee at a corporation or a partner in your firm, come to me to help them map out the vision for what their money can do for them. I can help you optimize your RSUs, ISOs, and other incentive-based compensation.



Families have additional financial complexities that need to be accounted for, and that's why families affected by ADHD seek me out. Planning for education, insurance for protection, estate planning, wealth building, and budgeting as a family are some areas I help.


Life Transitions

ADHDers often come to me when they are going through a life transition with financial implications, such as getting ready to retire, divorce, buying a first home, receiving an inheritance, or changing jobs. When money is in motion, it can be a good time to look for a financial planner. 

I work with ADHDers who:

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Feel Financially Stuck

You are successful and make more than enough money but struggle to figure out a way to consistently save, invest, and reach your big goals and dreams. You know that a plan and accountability would benefit you and help you get on track.

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Understand the Value of Financial Planning

You understand that there is significant value in having a human build a strong working relationship with you to guide you towards your financial goals and help you have more money, security, peace of mind, freedom, and fulfillment in your life.

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Want to Control the Chaos

You know that with just a little organization, a coherent plan, and accountability, you would be able to spend more time focusing on what you want to be doing and not worried about if you remembered to pay your bills on time. 

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Earning $100,000+

I generally work with ADHDers who earn over $100,000 annually and are growing. There can be exceptions for those on a solid career trajectory committed to making the most of working with a long-term financial planner. 

What makes my process ADHD-friendly?


ADHD Experience

As someone with ADHD myself, I understand just how much of an impact it can have on our lives. I come to the table with understanding as well as growing experience working with our unique brains.

Proactive Accountability

ADHDers do well with external accountability, so I've built my process to provide regular accountability to help you achieve your goals. This occurs through task reminders, random check-ins, and more frequent meetings.

Judgement-Free Zone

Let's face it. ADHDers typically have a laundry list of experiences with money and other areas of life that have led to feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. I strive never to cause my clients to feel judged, shamed, or embarrassed because I know the struggle and have been there myself.

Benefits of working with a financial planner



A Champion for Your Success

Have someone in your corner who cares about you, learns all about you, and is rooting for you and invested in your success.


Create Wealth Beyond just Money

Not just more money, but more security, freedom, and opportunity to focus on the more important things in life.


Improved Emotional Wellbeing

Reduce your stress and improve your physical health. Feel better about your money, yourself, and your future.


Avoid Big Risks and Mistakes

A good planner will help you avoid big financial mistakes and identify risks before the worst happens.

Jobs I do for clients

Financial planning is not a single event. It is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving process. On an ongoing basis, I will perform the following jobs for you. Through these jobs, there will be recommendations, and I will help hold you accountable to make sure they get implemented.  Whenever you need me for help, I'll be a couple of clicks away!


Ongoing Financial Planning

You will have ongoing access to your financial planning portal to check in and update your information.


Investment Management

Create more long-term wealth with sophisticated, tax-efficient investing strategies fine-tuned to your goals.

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Budgeting & Spending Analysis

I develop a reverse budget for you and help you stick to it with accountability, coaching, and tips and tricks. 


Money Mindset Coaching

Take psychology-based financial assessments each year to see how your money attitudes and beliefs strengthen over time. 

Tax planning for ADHDers

Tax Planning & Analysis

Tax planning is all about having no tax surprises in the near term and minimizing your tax liability over the long term. 

insurance planning for ADHDers

Insurance Review & Analysis

Insurance isn't exciting but it is vitally important. I'll make sure you have the proper protection in place for your loved ones and yourself. 

Estate planning for ADHDers

Estate Planning Review & Analysis

68% of Americans don't have a will. Estate planning is not only for the wealthy, as everyone needs to make sure they have a plan.

Employee benefits for ADHD

Employee Benefits Review & Analysis

Got a corporate job with benefits? I am here to make sure you are making the most of them.

Client Journey

You've just signed your planning agreement and paid your invoice. The journey begins. Here is what to expect in the first year.

Initial Onboarding - Month One

You are given ADHD-friendly onboarding instructions to log into your planning portal and begin to gather and input your financial data.


Get Organized Meeting - Month One

Our first official meeting is dedicated to gathering any information still needed for your financial plan. You'll walk away from this meeting feeling more financially organized than ever before.


Goals and Values Discovery Session - Month Two

This meeting is dedicated to discovering your goals and values beyond the obvious issues we must tackle. This helps me construct a plan aligned with your values and puts you on track to your goals.


Cash Flow Analysis & Assessment Review - Month Two

ADHDers I work with need the most help with budgeting, which is why I emphasize this early in the process. In this meeting, we'll review your spending patterns and also go over the results of the financial personality assessments I have you take.


Financial Plan Presentation - Month Three

This is the final meeting of the initial phase. I will present your financial plan and the recommendations across all financial planning domains - cash flow/budgeting, investments, insurance, taxes, and estate.


Implementation & Accountability - Month Four to Twelve

The remainder of the first year as a client will be dedicated to the implementation of the financial planning recommendations with accountability meetings to help you stay on track.


Client experience year two and beyond:

Client Service Calendar

 In year two and beyond, the goal is to keep you on track. We do this with check-ins depending on the frequency you choose, and we will be focusing on different topics at different times of the year. These topics will be addressed through your check-in meetings as well as deliverables. See the client service calendar below for more information.

Months Topics
Cash flow review & goals review
Tax return review & IRA contribution check
Updated retirement projections/college projections
Investments review & cash flow review
Estate & insurance review
Employee Benefits Review
End-of-year tax planning

Consider scheduling a discovery session if:

You understand my pricing 

Most who work with me earn over $100,000 per year. There are some exceptions, but be sure to explore the pricing calculator below to ensure you are comfortable with my rates.

You're ready & willing to make changes

My service is for ADHDers that have already made their mind up that they are ready to make the necessary adjustments to become financially secure.

You are friendly with a positive attitude

Life is too short to work with unpleasant people! I enjoy working with ADHDers who are bright, positive, resilient, determined, and friendly!

You're looking for a long-term advisor

I build personal relationships with my clients that I hope will last a long time. I am not interested in transactional relationships!

So, how much does it cost?

Use the calculator below to explore what price you may pay, given your needs and situation. The price you pay is based on financial complexity & frequency of accountability meetings. If you desire more accountability, you can choose monthly meetings, but you can always downgrade when you are ready for quarterly or semi-annual reviews.  NOTE: Ad-hoc meetings when life happens are always included in the service!




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