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Request your ADHD Discovery Session What does ADHD cost you?
Request your ADHD Discovery Session What does ADHD cost you?


Financial planning for ADHDers

From the ground up, we blend comprehensive financial planning with ADHD-focused coaching, helping growth-minded ADHDers and their families cultivate sound financial habits, invest purposefully, and journey toward financial independence.

It all starts when you schedule a no-pressure discovery session. 

Request your ADHD Discovery Session
What does ADHD cost you?

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Here is what clients love


ADHD Experience

Clients appreciate talking with a financial planner who speaks "ADHD" and keeps things casual and judgment-free. 



Clients express the benefit of having someone outside their friends or family to hold them accountable for their financial goals.



Clients appreciate having someone who can be honest with them about their finances in a way that comes off as genuinely caring. 


ADHD-Friendly Plan

Clients love receiving a financial plan that is completely customized to their situation and which lays out the plan of action with clear instructions and with a visual approach.

You'll love it too

Request your ADHD Discovery Session

How my service is different from traditional financial planning services

ADHD Financial Planning Typical Financial Planning
Work with someone who gets it
This speaks for itself. My ADHD experience is as real as it comes, so I genuinely understand the ADHD money struggle. Most financial planners are great but won't fully appreciate ADHD and the complexity that comes with it.
Regular Accountability
Most financial planners and advisors only offer meetings once, twice, or sometimes four times yearly. I provide monthly check-ins for as long as you need them.
In-depth budgeting support
Most financial planners and advisors will only tell you how much you can spend to make the plan work. I will help you set up and structure your budget from front to back and coach you on how to stick to it.
Instant message your planner
I am unaware of any other planner or advisor giving instant messaging access to their clients. You will have a one-to-one Slack chat feed with me, so you can quickly brain-dump me notes without hesitation!
Body doubling
Need some motivation to get some financial homework done? Schedule a meeting, and I'll work alongside you while you do it. And that way, you can ask me questions as well!
Ongoing financial coaching
Most planners only consider themselves coaches if it relates to helping clients not panic sell investments. I am well-read on financial coaching, the psychology of financial planning, ADHD coaching, and money mindset coaching, and I will employ a coaching approach throughout our work together.
Can work with clients without any investments (yet)
Most financial planners still operate by managing investments for clients exclusively. This means you need a certain amount of assets to be a candidate for planning. You can work with me by paying a flat monthly fee for my service.


You're a business owner

And your personal and business finances are in disarray.  It feels overwhelming. You're ready to hand off the finances to a pro.


You're a well-paid employee

But you need help figuring out how to keep it. You have credit card debt, you're paycheck to paycheck, and it feels like your bonus bails you out every year.


You're a young family 

And juggling work and the kids has taken all your energy, and your finances are all over the place. There's debt, no savings, and the stress is mounting. 


Retirement is approaching

You never thought you would want to retire. But the idea of being tied down and dependent on your job scares you. You are ready to catch up and feel ready to make a change.


Recent life change (Divorce, widowed, windfall)

You are all of a sudden fully in charge of your own finances and feel scared. Or perhaps you came into a large sum of money and don't want to make a mistake. 

If you're interested in working together and you are ready to

Budget like a pro

Invest for your future

Get rid of your debt for good

Radically change your money mindset

Then request your discovery session today. 

Request your ADHD Discovery Session

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