Our Financial Planning Process

Our process helps us to get to know you better while you get to know us better. We leave no stone unturned in designing the plan that helps make your vision a reality. 





Step 1: Review of Current Financial Situation

The first step in our planning process is to take a deep dive into your current financial situation. This entails evaluating your savings, income, debts, and current living expenses,  lifestyle, and more. We will have you securely upload various financial documents, and we will begin to construct a robust picture of where you currently stand. We will also explain our process, our services, how we are compensated, and any questions you may have. 


Review of Current Financial Situation

Step 2: Establish Financial Goals

The second step is to discuss your current financial situation and to help you identify financial goals. We will ask a series of questions to help uncover what is most important to you and help differentiate between your wants and needs. Goals need to be realistic and fit within the context of your current financial situation and capability. We will work with you to select and prioritize the most important goals. 



Step 3: Create Alternative Courses of Action

In the third step, we will analyze your current course of action. Does it maximize your potential for meeting your goals? Optimal decision-making requires considering alternative courses of action. We will consider and analyze one or more potential alternative courses of action that can enhance your ability to meet your goals. 


Step 4: Develop Financial Planning Recommendations

In the fourth step, we will develop concrete financial planning recommendations. We will discuss how the recommendations affect your goals and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the recommended course of action. For instance, if it is recommended that you first put excess savings towards paying off high-interest loans, then you may not be able to accomplish your goal of going on vacation this year.

Step 5: Presentation of Financial Planning Recommendations

In the fifth step, we will formally present to you the recommendations. We will explain in detail how the recommendations were determined. You will receive a robust plan using advanced planning software which summarizes your current financial situation and illustrates the effect our recommendations will have on your financial situation in the future. We will explain the assumptions that go into the plan and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 6: Implementation of Your Financial Plan

It is now time to implement the financial plan. Once we have settled on the appropriate course of action, we will develop a plan of action that involves the concrete steps to achieve your goals. We will discuss the plan of action and discuss how each recommendation will be implemented. For example, we will implement the investment side of the plan that we are responsible for. If acquiring insurance is part of your plan, we will help you shop for suitable policies. 



Step 7: Monitor Progress and Update your Plan

The final step is ongoing. Your financial plan is a living, breathing document that will need to be updated as life happens. We will invite you to quarterly meetings with us to review your plan, see where you stand, and update the plan. If changes alter your course, we will discuss any appropriate changes to your plan to maximize your ability to reach your goals. 


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