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Core Equity

Find your path


Investment Objective

A pathfinder is someone who explores and discovers a new route. We know that everybody has different financial circumstances, different goals, dreams, and aspirations. And there may be several different routes to the same destination. That's why we developed a framework that allows us to create your unique path to achieve your goals.

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Investment Process

Designing the core equity component of an investment plan requires a clear understanding of your current financial picture, goals, and dreams. From there, we follow a process that is repeatable and manages risk but is fully customizable in order to match perfectly with what is best for you.  Watch the video to learn more.


Process (draft)


"Decades of historical data make it clear that a quantitative investing approach can have a substantial positive impact on outcomes, outperforming the major indices over the long term and offering important strategic advantages in the short term." -

Man vs. Machine: Dissecting the real value of a quantitative investing model
Dorsey, Wright & Associates, a Nasdaq company - 2017

Core Equity Benefits


Consistency of Outcomes


Remove Return-Killing Emotions


Peace of Mind

Built Just For You

The core equity component of your investment plan is built specifically for your unique financial situation. We first acquire a thorough understanding of your current financial situation and what your goals and dreams are. Whether you want to buy a beach house for your family or simply want to retire ten years early, we will build and relentlessly test a core equity portfolio to help you reach your goals. 



Blaze new trails 

Investment Objective

Trailblazers are innovators who are constructing the future. That's how we think about our thematic strategies. Investing in the future, today. Our thematic strategies are designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in structural, secular growth trends taking place across the globe. Our thematic investment approach incorporates a risk management process to structure and size portfolios, potentially leading to more consistent investment outcomes. 

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Investment Process

Our thematic investment process does not strive to recreate the wheel. We create investment universes based on already existing thematic exchange-traded funds. We use our rules-based methodology to optimize the universes we build to potentially achieve more consistent outcomes and reduce volatility. 



Why Invest in Themes?


Invest in the future, today


Potential for Improved Returns



Invest in with Purpose

Let's match your thematic investments to your risk tolerance. 

We manage all of our thematic investments through a risk-managed lens. Just because you are deeply interested in a particular theme, that doesn't mean the volatility that comes along with investing in it is suitable for your specific goals. That's why we enable participation in exciting thematic investments with more peace of mind.

Our Themes


Artificial Inteligence & Robotics

This theme encompasses companies investing in the continued adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics. This includes industrial automation and autonomous vehicles. 


3D Printing

3D Printing is poised to revolutionize manufacturing. It will touch nearly every corner of manufacturing. The benefits of 3D printing are massive. Shorter lead times, more customization, fewer parts, and more.



The fintech theme invests in companies that are innovating financial services using technology. Fintech reaches many different sectors and industries, including education, fundraising, banking, investment management, and more.



Cannabis legalization and adoption continue to broaden across the United States. As of November 2020, 68% of Americans think cannabis should be legal. 


Sustainable Investing

We have on staff a graduate of the first-ever class of CSRIC (Charted Socially Responsible Investment Counselor). We understand that the growth and adoption of sustainable investing are not going to end any time soon. This theme can help individuals invest with more purpose.


Gaming, eSports, AR & VR

Gaming, eSports, augmented reality, and virtual reality. This exciting theme covers applications from industrial manufacturing to metaverses, to sports betting, to competitive gaming.  The opportunity is large, global, and ever-evolving. 


Precision Medicine

The precision medicine theme invests in healthcare and biotechnology companies that are creating the future of medicine. In this world, medicine will be administered based on your specific genetic code, lifestyle, and environment. Imagine a drug that is tailored to your specific genetic code. Investing in precision medicine is investing in the future of medicine. 


The Emerging Consumer

The emerging theme invests in areas of the market that are empowering emerging markets with technology. The falling costs of the internet and smartphones mean that large swaths of people in emerging markets are entering the digital age for the first time. This will enable the significant growth in emerging market technology companies as these consumers are empowered to participate in new consumption patterns.


Tactical Growth

Invest boldly

Investment Objective

The tactical growth strategy pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of high conviction equities. The strategy is unconstrained and opportunistic. It is agnostic to style or sector, and only seeks opportunities where there is a large discount to our estimate of fair value. We typically look for smaller companies that are not well known, misunderstood, or overlooked by Wall Street. 

the pioneer-1

Investment Process

We leverage our decades of experience in researching and selecting unique equity opportunities to guide our investment decisions. We get to know the companies in our tactical growth portfolio extremely well, and only invest in high conviction ideas after we have completed due diligence.

Tactical Idea Generation (1)


Why Invest In Tactical?

Our tactical growth portfolio is not for everyone. It is concentrated and can experience periods of excess volatility. However, we take pride in our research and commitment to finding exciting and unique opportunities in the market. This strategy is for someone with a high-risk tolerance who enjoys an extra layer of potential in their financial plan. It must never compromise the odds of success of any proposed retirement plan. 

Guiding Principles


Investing where the herd is not

Typically, positions are entered at a time of pessimism or in areas that are not followed widely by Wall Street


Focus on high conviction ideas

The portfolio typically holds 10-20 securities with the highest conviction ideas representing the largest percentage of capital


Small & micro-cap focus

We focus here as this is where large price dislocations are most abundant 


Balance-sheet focused

We look for companies with strong balance sheets. Ideally, this means no debt with adequate cash, but some opportunities are made more attractive with some leverage


Discount to asset value

We look to buy companies with assets that we believe are well below fair value where we believe management's plan to unlock value has a high probability of success


Willing to wait

If one thing is certain, it is that timing the market is nearly impossible. Because we usually buy out-of-favor equities, we are comfortable waiting for plans and stories to unfold. We are confident the ultimate reward is worth the wait


Fixed Income

Investment Objective

The objective of the fixed income allocation in a portfolio is to provide stability and preserve capital. These are income-oriented assets with a historically low correlation to stocks.

The-workhorse (2)

Why invest in fixed income?

Simple. It helps diversify your portfolio, helps preserve your capital, and helps you pursue income.



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