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Should I Roll Over my Old 401k to an IRA? (EP.45)

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Do you have any 401(k)s left behind with previous employers? Should you keep them? Research shows that you could be leaving a small fortune of money on the table if you do. We get into this today on the show. Also, we talk about a recent headline from CNBC about "stock growth coming to a peak," how Bitcoin gets lost and found, and why the obesity pandemic is such a mystery. 


Today's headlines

Four reasons stocks may be approaching 'peak growth’ and what that may mean for investors

A father and son who help clients find forgotten crypto passwords estimate billions of dollars worth of lost bitcoin is recoverable.

What happens to lost bitcoin?. Every year, millions of dollars worth… | by SatoshiLabs

A Chemical Hunger – Part I: Mysteries – SLIME MOLD TIME MOLD

A Chemical Hunger – Part II: Current Theories of Obesity are Inadequate

A Chemical Hunger – Part III: Environmental Contaminants – SLIME MOLD TIME MOLD

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The True Cost of Forgotten 401(k) Accounts

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