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Will Evergrande Affect the United States? | What you Need to Know from the New Tax Proposal

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We finally had significant market volatility on Monday of last week (9/20/2021) as fears that a huge property developer in China, Evergrande, was going to default on its massive pile of debt and cause a 2008 style crisis all over again. Well, before we could blink, it was over and the market came right back.  However, could that have been the crack in the Armor?

 Also, we discuss how earnings calls can predict the performance of a stock, and how recent earnings calls show that inflation is on the mind of corporate America. Finally, there has been a new tax proposal that has serious implications for your retirement plans. I'll go over some of the biggest changes. 


Today's Headlines

China Evergrande: What Is It and Why Are Investors Worried?

Evergrande debt: Collapse could have domino effect on China properties

China: Evergrande Portends Housing Crisis

S&P 500 companies have inflation on the brain, as ‘inflation’ mentions on earnings calls hit 10-year high

Complex Language on Earnings Calls Is a Warning to Investors


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7 Ways The New Tax Bill Could Impact Retirement Planning

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