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Investing in Megatrends - Industries that are Shaping Our Future

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More Volatility

Market volatility stayed elevated last week as interest rates made a move higher, a government shutdown loomed, and a major infrastructure deal hangs in the balance. Yet, the market is still less than 5% down from its all-time highs. Since we spent 220 plus days straight less than 5% from the highs, (S&P 500) it is natural that the first bout of volatility catches some of us off guard and causes us to make irrational decisions. Let's make sure that if this much volatility gets us feeling nervous,  we gut-check our portfolios.


Investing in Megatrends

My guest today is Luke Hallard. He is the founder of Telescope Investing and the host of the Telescope Investing Podcast. He has a clear framework for investing in megatrends - trends that are shaping our future. It is very similar to thematic investing. In the interview we go over:

  • Luke's journey to becoming a (nearly) full-time investor
  • Luke's framework for investing in megatrends
  • Some of the biggest trends in the market
  • How to hold on when volatility shows up
  • Who megatrend investing is for
  • Sustainable investing
  • and more

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