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(EP. 12) Tesla, Investing in Innovation, Market Cycle Investing

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In this week's show we talk about:

  • Tesla
  • Ark Funds and how they invest in innovation
  • How innovation is bubbly  
  • Passive funds vs. active funds historically
  • Economic Activity collapses, but not the stock market
  • Market Cycle Investing
  • How to get into the market if you missed out?
  • How lowering your car payment by 50 bucks a month could get earn you 60K in 30 years
  • Roth IRA conversion 

Articles Discussed:

WSJ: Tesla Bulls Double Down

ARK ETF family pulls in ~$1B in fund flows Tuesday night

Cathie Wood Investor Letter

Active Vs. Passive Funds

Packy McCormick The Best is Yet to come (Innovation is Bubbly)

Charts Discussed:









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