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(EP.39) The Power of the Solo 401(k) with Daniel Blue

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With a solo 401(k), you have so much more flexibility when it comes to your retirement account. This week we have solo 401(k) expert Daniel Blue on the show to give the lay of the land. One of the biggest pain points with your traditional 401(k) is the limited menu of investment selections. With a solo 401(k), your investment universe is virtually unlimited, allowing you to make your retirement dollars work for you the way you want them to.

A solo 401(k) can give you the flexibility you need to access your money without triggering a taxable event, invest in real estate, pay down debt, or fund a new business venture. 

Listen now to learn and become a smarter investor. 

Visit Daniel's website at https://www.danielblue.me/

Visit his company website at https://www.yourquest.com/

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