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(EP.40) Keeping a Global Perspective with Award-Winning Money Manager, Jonathan Baird CFA

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Keeping a global perspective on markets is a must if you want to be the best investor you can possibly be. Today's guest, Jonathan Baird CFA, knows all about this. He was able to see COVID-19 coming early because his global research kept him astutely aware of all the action regarding the virus before it really hit our shores in the USA.
Jonathan is the author of the monthly report called the Global Investment Letter. After reading a few of these myself, I knew I was in for a treat. He has a wonderful, impressive, and nuanced worldview. Check it out here.
On today's show, we talk about:
  • Jonathan's approach to investing
  • What is causing inflation
  • Why Jonathan believes inflation will be transitory (his view is subject to change!)
  • Why the markets are driven by psychology
  • His thoughts on the durability of "meme stocks"
  • His thoughts on Robinhood
  • His advice for pre-retirees
And more!

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