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What is Embedded and Decentralised Finance? How has Fintech Changed how we Bank and Invest?

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What's this episode about?

My guest for this episode is Tristan Pelloux. He is passionate about all things fintech and is the founder of Fintechreview.net, a media website that has a mission to demystify the world of fintech. 

In today's show, we get into some topics you may have heard of before but aren't really sure what they mean. After listening to this episode, you still may be confused about exactly what embedded, and decentralized finance is, but I think you'll have a better idea. Because I know I am still confused!

In this episode, we start talking about what fintech actually is because sometimes the term gets thrown around for things that don't actually qualify. We talk about some of the biggest fintech themes today, such as payments with companies like Stripe and how the established banks are attempting to stay relevant. 

We also dive into how fintech companies are changing the way we bank and invest. We both seem to agree that some of the companies that have "democratized" investing, like Robinhood, have not been purely positives for the consumer. 

We get into non-fungible tokens and how they are enabling a new way of owning assets digitally. 

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