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The FIRE Movement - Financial Independence, Retire Early. Take Control of your Future with Susana Selles (EP.42)

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Today I am joined by Susana Selles. She is engineering her way to Financial Independence Retire Early- FIRE. Susana is doing this by investing smarter, not harder, and has a unique perspective on asymmetric investments. She is a huge proponent of cryptos and blockchain, and she tells us about its potential. She is the host of her own excellent podcast called Say YES to FIRE: Financial Diaries of a Millennial

What you'll learn

  • What the fire movement is
  • How to put it into practice
  • Tips on budgeting
  • Why the FIRE movement is not exclusive to young people
  • What are asymmetric investment opportunities
  • Assessing your financial situation
  • What is blockchain?
  • Will Governments allow widespread use of cryptocurrency?
  • Susana's investing style
  • How to analyze different cryptos
  • How Susana generates passive income using cryptocurrencies

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