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Women in a Life Transition

Financial advice focused on building a more sustainable and prosperous path to financial security.

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Son of a mother, husband of a wife, father of a daughter - the women in my family are my life force and biggest supporters. What would I wish for them if they found themselves in need of guidance financially? Will they be given sound advice by someone they can trust?

My clients are seeking an advisor who understands their differentiated needs and preferences. They prioritize personality fit when seeking a financial advisor and focus on outcome-based advice, real-life goals, and life events.



“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”



I Work with Women Who 


Want to be financially secure

The desire to be financially secure is universal, but everyone has a unique situation, and one solution doesn't fit all.  I will help you build a solution unique to your situation that addresses your needs and goals so that you can take charge of your financial future.


Want to feel confident about your financial journey

This is a judgment-free zone, no financial experience necessary, no situation too unique. Employing an investment philosophy grounded in academic research, I can deliver outcome-oriented solutions so that you can feel confident throughout your financial journey.


Experiencing a Life Transition

Marriage, divorce, death, receiving an inheritance, changing jobs, retiring, launching or selling a business - when money is in motion, it can be an excellent time to work with a financial planner to define a financial strategy to get you to where you want to go.


Want a financial partner

Accessible for help and guidance as your financial partner, anytime.  Also, you control your level of personal engagement - some clients prefer more, some less.  

Benefits of Working with a Financial Planner



A Champion for Your Success

Have someone in your corner who cares about you, learns all about you, and is rooting for you and invested in your success.


Create Wealth Beyond Just Money

Not just more money, but more security, freedom, and opportunity to focus on the more important things in life.


Improved Emotional Wellbeing

Reduce your stress and improve your physical health. Feel better about your money, yourself, and your future.


Avoid Big Risks and Mistakes

A good planner will help you avoid big financial mistakes and identify risks before the worst happens.


Financial planning is not a single event. It is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving process. On an ongoing basis, I will perform the following jobs for you. Through these jobs, there will be recommendations, and I will help hold you accountable to make sure they get implemented.  Whenever you need me for help, I'll be a couple of clicks or a phone call away!


Ongoing Financial Planning


Investment Management

financial (1)

Income, Cash flow, & Budget Analysis


Money Mindset Coaching

Tax planning for ADHDers

Tax Planning & Analysis

insurance planning for ADHDers

Insurance Review & Analysis

Estate planning for ADHDers

Estate Planning Review & Analysis

Employee benefits for ADHD

Employee Benefits Review & Analysis

First-class technology

Imagine having an app and web portal that contained all of your financial documents organized in one place. An app that helps you budget. An app that allows you to visualize how making one financial decision will affect the rest of your financial picture.  It does this and so much more, all in a visually appealing and friendly way. That is what you will have access to. It's where we will build your plan and track your progress. Check out the video to get a sneak peek. 

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Ready to explore if I am a fit for your needs?

The first step is a quick, no-pressure discovery call. During the call we will discuss your goals for financial planning, what your biggest concerns and worries are, how I can (or cannot!) help, answer any questions you have, and discuss the next steps. I will never pressure you to work with me and will tell you if I believe I am not a good fit for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions