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(EP.11) IPO Euphoria, Passive Investing Dangers, and Gen Z Investing Trends

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In this week's show, we discuss recent IPOs and IPOs in general. We talk about why and how IPOs are priced and how they can trade at such different prices on their first day of trading. We then move into a discussion revolving around the emerging risks of passive investing. Basically, the way market-cap-weighted indexes are constructed can create imbalances. For instance, Tesla is going to be the fifth largest weighting in the S&P 500! We wrap up talking about the very different way Gen Z thinks about and interacts with the world, and investment trends to consider as a result. 

Show Notes:

1:00 - IPO Overview

6:00 - Airbnb

9:00 - Average IPO return data

10:00 - IPO valuation data

12:00 - Comparisons to 1999

14:00 - Valuation of IPOs vs. FAANG and high flying COVID stocks

18:00 - IPO Fund flows

19:00 - Jay Ritter, Goldman CEO, Tom Lee warning

20:00 - Tesla vs. Yahoo

21:00 - Original Idea of Passive Management

22:00 - Passive Investing Danger

24:00 - Understand where your risks are in your passive investment

24:45 -  New wave of indexing

26:00 - Stock picking comeback

27:00 - Risks to your retirement

32:00 - Bull Market Complacency

33:30 Interest Rate Risk

35:00 Climate Risk

37:00 Gen Z

40:00 Investing Trends to Watch out for from Gen Z

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